I’m Dawn – writer, mother, wife, vegetarian, and much more. My life is a bouquet of blunders (oopsy daisy). Especially when I became a true parent. I say ‘true’ because I’ve helped raise a tribe of children.

This is my journey, as a shy, reserved, mother who was blessed with an outgoing, little warrior princess. Aren’t I supposed to be the confident, self-assured, take-charge one in this mother/daughter relationship? Well, I’m not. Our world is lopsided (hence, Lopsy Daisy). We’re opposite. As different as two people sharing the same gene pool can be. And while I’m learning her, and raising the child she is (not the one I thought I wanted), I make mistakes. Lots of them.

So, follow me (seriously, follow my new page), like me, share me… and let’s figure this parenting thing out together.